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Our Services

Most Hoosiers prefer to remain in their homes as they age, rather than enter an assisted living or nursing facility. Many have family caregivers currently providing care who would benefit from financial compensation and additional community resources. Hoosier Family Supportive Living can help!

We Are Committed to Supporting Caregivers:

Financial Support

Receive payment in the form of a tax-free stipend, or
taxable hourly rate.

Emotional Support

Access dedicated Care Advocates and Wellness Advocates who will serve as your single point of contact as you navigate caring for your loved one at home.

Educational Resources

Stay up-to-date on Medicaid changes affecting your waiver services. Locate additional Home and Community-Based Services.

  • Must have Indiana Medicaid benefits or be Medicaid-eligible

  • Must apply for and be accepted to the Medicaid Waiver program


Medicaid Waiver

A program under Indiana Medicaid providing community-based services for aged and disabled individuals who choose to remain in their homes instead of a nursing facility.

 Structured Family Caregiving

A model of caregiving providing financial support in the form of tax-free daily stipends to live-in caregivers who assist loved ones with personal care needs and daily living activities.

Attendant Care

A model of caregiving providing financial support in the form of a taxable, hourly rate to caregivers who assist loved ones with personal care needs and daily living activities in their homes.

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